Taipei House Keepers' advise for Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom cleaning tips from professional housekeepers

In order to clean your bathroom and keep it fresh, you need to care about three aspects. Firstly you need to provide a good ventilation system in your bathroom, to support a proper outflow of moist air. Secondly, the bathroom equipment shouldn’t have any malfunctions or leak, to protect your bathroom from humid air and microorganism influence. Lastly, the curtain of your bathroom must be cleaned properly, to avoid mold and dirt appearance on its surface and protect your body while taking shower. 

There are GoHouseKeeper professional tips for bathroom cleaning. We have a plan for cleaning bathrooms that we’ve developed and improved with our experienced housekeepers. If you want to help keep your bathroom clean between a maid visits, read the article below from GoHouseKeeper that will help you to clean your bathroom with less effort.

Even the highest quality bathrooms need to be cleaned properly to avoid of microorganisms, as they have high humidity and temperature changes.

1. Ventilation System. Every bathroom needs a proper outflow of moist air to support its good-looking condition. If the bathroom has a ventilation system, try to turn on the fan every few minutes after showering or bathing, as well as opening the door in the bathroom. In order to support natural ventilation please keep the door in the bathroom regularly opened, for about 3 cm.

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2. Bathroom Equipment. If bathroom equipment is damaged, it can humid the air in the bathroom. That's why, any malfunction of the bathroom equipment must be fixed as soon as possible. After taking a shower or a bath, please dry the protective glass or plastic curtains. The bath itself, should be wiped with a soft dry cloth, after every use, to avoid appearing mold and bacteria.

Before cleaning the bathroom equipment, please carefully read the instructions from its manufacturer. If you do not bring plumbing to the point of desolation, it is enough to take advantage of a weak solution of baby toilet soap, used for the delicate skin of the child. Apply soapy solution on a damp soft cloth and lightly wipe the damp surface without leaving for a long time, immediately wash off with clean warm water, naturally plumbing should be wiped dry and from clean warm water. If you do this non-tricky operation, then all sanitary ware will have a pristine purity and brilliance. If you still run your bathroom, that the dirt is visible even to the naked eye, then you can briefly take advantage of more aggressive, in comparison with a mild soap solution, detergents, but only without abrasive particles. Also, it is forbidden to clean plumbing fixtures and tiles with metal brushes, sponges with metal-containing fibers, acid-containing, alkali-containing detergents, so as not to destroy the enamel and any smooth coatings, exposing them to corrosion. In addition, they destroy rubber sealing rings and gaskets of siphons, PVC sewer pipes. 

3. Shower curtain cleaning. If your shower plastic curtain has built up some mold, no need to replace it or throw it away, because you can easily clean it yourself or by our housekeepers.

According to the experience of the GoHouseKeeper, it will take about 10-20 minutes in your washing machine to clean your shower curtain or a plastic linear from mildew.

You need to wash your shower curtain on the high water level with a towel in order to make a cleaning process effective. Add a standard amount of detergent and use delicate-wash cycle. It will help to remove mold, which appears due to the remaining water on a shower curtain. If you want to use the dryer, set only air or low heat, or just hang your curtain to dry. Please read the instructions on a care label if your linear is decorative.

By following these simple advices, you will make your bathroom always look clean and shining. For additional cleaning tips from professional house keepers, please check the other articles from GoHouseKeeper. In case if you’d like to have better ways to spend your time, you can request a maid service from our professional housekeepers by completing an Online Request Form or contact the GoHouseKeeper team through online chat during normal business hours.