Taipei House Keepers' advise for Kitchen Cleaning

Bathroom cleaning tips from professional housekeepers

In order to keep your bathroom clean and fresh, you need to care about three aspects. Firstly you need to provide a good ventilation system in your bathroom, to support a proper outflow of moist air. Secondly, the bathroom equipment shouldn’t have any malfunctions or leak, to protect your bathroom from humid air and microorganism influence. Lastly, the curtain of your bathroom must be cleaned properly, to avoid mold and dirt appearance on its surface and protect your body while taking shower. 

There are GoHouseKeeper professional tips for bathroom cleaning. We have a plan for cleaning bathrooms that we’ve developed and improved with our experienced housekeepers. If you want to help keep your bathroom clean between a maid visits, read the article below from GoHouseKeeper that will help you to clean your bathroom with less effort.

Even the highest quality kitchen need to be cleaned properly to avoid of microorganisms, as they have high humidity and temperature changes.

1. Cleaning all unnecessary items from the tables and work surfaces. In a few minutes, look around in the kitchen and find places where dirt, crumbs, utensils and foods that are not in their places can accumulate. For starters, put food, oil, salt and spices in cabinets and refrigerators. After that, put dirty dishes in the sink or dishwasher, so that the dishes are clean by the end of the cleaning. Wipe the tables of crumbs and dust.

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2. Remove greasy stains from the surfaces. Usually stains remain on the stove and are very greasy or burnt. Pour them a solution of water and vinegar for five minutes to remove them later. Wipe the refrigerator, microwave, cabinets. Use a special detergent or vinegar solution to get rid of stains of a different nature.

3. Wash the sink and the remaining dishes. If the kitchen is not cleaned, a dirty sink and dishes are the first thing that always catches your eye when entering the kitchen. Therefore, wipe the sponge with a sponge, if it is not very dirty. If the sink is seriously dirty and a greasy film and a dark coating or rust from the water is formed, then use a cleaning agent or soda that scares the dark plaque. If a crust has formed on the crane, you can remove it with a warmed vinegar solution.

4. Finally clean the plate. At the moment, tables and cabinets should already be clean, and the sink and dishes are washed. It remains to clean the stove completely from greasy or dry stains treated with vinegar. Therefore, wipe the plate with a soft rag, several times during one minute.

5. Dry and wet cleaning. In order to complete the cleaning of the kitchen, conduct a dry and damp cleaning of the floor. Use a broom and a damp rag to dry the floor for a few minutes. Then you need to do a wet cleaning with a mop with a special microfiber attachment, moving to the exit, starting from the far corner of the room. This will help to perform a wet cleaning in a minute.

By following these simple advices, you will make your kitchen always look clean and shining. For additional cleaning tips from professional house keepers, please check the other articles from GoHouseKeeper. In case if you’d like to have better ways to spend your time, you can request a maid service from our professional housekeepers by completing an Online Request Form or contact the GoHouseKeeper team through online chat during normal business hours.